First of all, before I go further into this post, I need to publicly apologize to Eliyahu Kelman, the author of The Soul Secret, for taking a lot longer than usual to review his amazing work. It was a busy period over here and I felt like The Soul Secret needs to be listened carefully and meditate around the words and messages.

Now let me tell you about this amazing book. First thing that makes The Soul Secret  unique is the format. It comes either as audio or video. I opted for the video version, because I was curious, as I never encountered a video book. Must admit, I was nicely surprised. In every chapter/video  the author talks about past experiences that helped him learn the Divine Mode better and understand all messages transmitted to us from the divinity. The beautiful words are always accompanied by relaxing music on the background and beautiful images which invite you, together with Reb Eliyahu, to meditate at the end of each video. The website is wonderfully created and will make you stay for a while.

This series is a way of coaching you through life, step by step, making you understand why we are here for and what we are supposed to do. There are so many things we need to learn in order to live a happy life and so many things we ignore if we don’t know what they are. Some things I learned from my father as a child were once again confirmed. Like the DNA of the soul and the messages we receive from the Universe. I also learned new things like Abracadabra or Murphy, things I never knew existed before or if I knew, I never paid close attention. I really liked the way the author presents the idea of marriage and family, ideas understood though lots of reading, learning and life.

The Soul Secret is worth listening and re-listening to. There are messages and lessons worth sharing with the ones around you, because we are all in this together and the more we understand the happier we can be. I feel like there is so much to talk about this book, but my words are not enough. It is indeed a book addressed to our souls, the ones who connect us to the higher Universe and beyond.

If I would to give stars to The Soul Secret  it would be 6 out of 5, that’s  how much I enjoyed and learned from it.  And as a final phrase to this post, I’d like to invite to take care of your soul, because everything we are or will be, is closely related to it.