I remember the days when Google translate was giving me headaches. Those days, when I was trying to get my work done for school, translating big chunks of text and the result was nothing I expected. The grammar was disappointing and I was getting annoyed with it. But those days are long gone and today I actually realized its major importance.

For example, you have two non-German speakers and 2 German children demanding things. What do you do? Ask for help .:) And I did, to magical Google.  The older boy was repeating the same thing all over again and we were both getting frustrated. So I handed him a paper and a pen and he started writing. I typed the message onto Google translate and got the simple answer : he was just asking for 1 more paper plate (for his recycling project).LOL. It turns out this program is pretty useful when dealing with children who are not speaking your language.

Any opinions on this?

As for today’s song, I chose the one I was singing all day long today: