MWM&M: On friendship

Today it’s all about friendship and its expiration date.

I have always been a loner, even though in my early and mid-twenties I didn’t look or behave like one. So I have made lots of friends in this period. Some of them came close to my heart, others just drifted apart. I’ve fallen out of friendship with some, others fell out of friendship with going round in this vicious circle called life.

How does it feel to lose friends? Well it’s hard, at least at the beginning.  You can’t really understand the reason why people stop talking to you, but eventually you move on. You understand that people change. They start to set bridges on fire and when the smoke clears out, you understand their reasons. You could still see them clear on the other side, but can’t reach them anymore. All you can do is give them a big wave and smile remembering the good times you had and the life experiences you created together. You’ve burnt bridges as well, because that’s life and we change. People who were close to us yesterday can become total strangers today. All that’s left is the memories that last a lifetime and the lessons we’ve learned from each person we met.

The moment we understand that as life itself, everything else has an expiration date, we are going to be at peace with ourselves. Friendships are not an exception. Some of them might be like water: vital, nourishing, everlasting if kept in a good environment, some, on the other hand, can be like fruit yoghurts: sweet and creamy, at the beginning, sour and even toxic after they expire. The best and the worst part of it is that we are going to have friendship from both categories, but no matter what, keep on moving, smile at the nice memories and wave to them, from time to time.

For today’s song, I chose one that will always make me think of one of my friends who drifted apart. She introduced it to me so it will always remind me of her:


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