They chose you to be here,
So must obey and not compete,
Nor shall you try to reason or think.
Do as you’re told
Just move along
With the guided crowds
That never get old.
New generations same as the ones before,
Listen to unspoken words and unplayed chords,
Meant to leave you bare and cold.
We all fall  into the trap of deception, of ignorance and rejection,
But never revolt.
Because it’s easier doing as you’re told,
Because revolting takes courage and there’s too much at stake:
Your pride, family, friends, even your wealth.
So you rebel inside for as long as you live,
Not quite understanding why you can’t succeed.

There are some who object and go against the tide,
Those are the winners and their generation pride
The ones we all look at in awe
Hoping one day we’ll get the courage to take a bow,
In our bathroom’s mirror while we smile with glee,
At the successful rebellion of setting us free.