MWM&M: On decisions and mistakes

And a mistake repeated more than once is a decision.-Paulo Coelho

Battling this big headache of mine with the shouting of children from my neighbourhood I decided to contemplate on this quote. Does it apply in all cases? What is the difference between a mistake and a decision?

Just as I was contemplating on the Paulo Coelho’s words, a person I know crossed my mind. She has recently discovered she suffers from panic attacks and she needs medication that doesn’t allow her to drink. But, she just can’t help it. And one glass turns into two and so on, until she realise the mistake. And you know what, I don’t blame her. We all see the world differently and our universes are never the same. Loneliness and a bunch of unappropriated friends can easily push you to the edge. We’ve all had that friend who always says “ One glass of wine didn’t hurt anyone. “ or “Have a drink. It will make you feel better.” But in some cases the total opposite might happen. And when the hell brakes loose, these friends are the first to turn their back on you.

Yes, you are responsible for everything you do, but there are moments when your brain just decides to sleep or take a break. And then you fall into the trap of the same mistake. And it becomes a reckless decision, like the first one, because in life everything is a decision. Once you do something, there’s no turning back, good or bad. Move on and embrace the consequences.  So I dare to disagree with Mr. Coelho on this one. The first, second, third mistake are all decisions that we make. We might ponder on some and might not even blink on others, but they are all decisions.

As for my acquaintance, she should let this friend of hers go and part their ways. Obviously, she’s a bad influence and just drags her down. That should be the best decision at the time being.


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