MWM&M: On photography-the begining

I have always been a boring person. Not boring in the way I lived my life, but boring in my interests. Was always a top student, who never shined in any particular area. Better said was good at everything and best at nothing.
Last year, when I started this blog I had no idea on the subjects I am was to write given the fact I had no particular interests. But I gave it a go and was one of the best decisions I made so far. Not only did I start connecting with lots of people in the blogosphere but also became more creative. This is how I started writing poetry and surprised myself how easily words fell into place,  like a four pieces puzzle. This was all new and exciting to me. So far I wrote probably more than 100 poems and that helped me a lot. I gained self confidence. I realised I can be better at something if I try focusing harder. But there was a feeling that poetry was not enough. My creativity needed more. And that was when it hit me. I wanted to buy a new camera to surprise images of the world as I see it. So for the last 6 months I spent all my spare time making photos. I sometimes took photos, but mostly made them as I see them. Nowadays everyone takes photos but making them is different. Is imprinting your view to the world. More than that photography is an ongoing learning process. And the more you learn, the more you realize how little you know. So far I’d say I know like 10 per cent of it, but I might be wrong, I might know less.☺
So, after buying my first camera was interested in landscapes as most of the photographers in the begining. After a while, I didn’t find it challenging enough so I started making close-ups.  I love close-ups and the intimacy you get with your subject, be it a flower, insect or anything else. Lately however, was drown into street photography and photographing people. Being an introvert, this is quite challenging but am going to write more about it in another post.
Before I start to bore you all, I just wanted to tell you it is never too late to find your passion and when you do, explore it as much as you can. You’ll be surprised on the things you can learn about yourself.



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