Scars, wrinkles, smiles take me back to origins,
To the place I call home,
Where even though grass is green, people feel all  alone.
They bare silent cries and struggles no one knows
Putting their faith in God even when Heavens doors are closed.

The place I come from put it’s mark on me
Long before I could even realise it’s blessings and dooms.
There were times I was ashamed to admit my roots,
Being scared of disapproval and dirty looks.
It all changed now, cause I don’t care
It’s not my fault no one dares
To come and meet, chat and greet
The lovely people that live there.

When I grew up, the house was always full,
With relatives, friends, nothing was dull
Strangers were invited to join the feast
Since they might have been tired, hungry or thirsty at least.
As a child you had to greet every person you met on the street
Being respectful was a tradition you had to keep.
Everyone was helping each other, no one was too tired
There were no phones, no Internet,  no multiple TV channels,
People were happily chatting about weather, crops, family
Children were playing outdoors up till late in the night
No one was afraid, health and safety was a myth.
It all changed now, but something still remains the same
It’s deep down in our blood, under our skin, running through our veins
It’s the DNA, the special trait that will always take us there
To the origins, our origins
And mine is stronger than ever, making me to go back
To the place I once knew by heart and will never forget.

Origin Story


Published by Mesca

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