MWM&M : On dreams

Dreaming is my favorite thing to do, before, after and while sleeping, so it occupies most of my time. However after intense research and analyze (while on conscious mode) I realized that successful people, the ones I always looked up in awe, were different then the rest of us. They made their dreams come true.

They are dreamers transformed into DO-ers. It’s not enough to just dream of things, you have to do them in order to be happy. There are so many people who dream big, but they got overwhelmed in time  or  get bored of dreaming. I heard so many times the phrases “It’s not for me”, “I’m too old” and “I just wasn’t lucky enough” to an extent I thought  they were right and we are all going to end up like that. I was in that situation for some time, still am in my bad days.  But when the veil of darkness passes and my senses come back I realize following dreams implies failures and moments of doubt. Failure is just a sign that you are doing something, that you are trying. Don’t let that stop you.

After watching this video I realized that dreaming should occupy less of my time, otherwise I will end up with one of the phrases I mentioned before. Dreaming is not enough, it’s time to make them a reality. Let your bud grow and flower so you can be admired and looked up to.

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