MWM&M: Motivational Musing

Have been gone for some time, life got a bit busy, my PC got attacked by a virus and I kept on promoting my photography and participating in contests. Have been meaning to write a post, but felt like I had nothing important to say, up until now.

Last month I created a Facebook photography page to post my photographs and began to join photography groups. Was a bit shy in the beginning to post anything, but then I realized had nothing to lose so I started uploading my photographs. One day, two weeks ago, I posted a photograph I truly like. It resemble a painting and that is what makes me like it so much. It’s not the usual flower macro photography you see everywhere so I wasn’t prepared for the comments that followed. One guy asked where was the focus in the photo, while other said it’s on my logo. I felt like I wanted to hide in a cave. The worst part was I couldn’t reply to those comments so I had to let them say whatever they wanted. Another person said they quite liked the approach as it reminded him of a painting. And that was the decisive moment I realize my vision in photography is different from the others and that is not a bad thing at all. After that incident, three on my photos were selected as covers for different photography groups, meanwhile I am waiting for one of my photograph to be part of an exhibition somewhere in the town, next month.

All these last weeks events made me realize one thing: when you want to follow your dream, you will encounter obstacles and trip over, maybe fall down a couple of times, but you should never give up. The path you chose to walk on has nothing to do with the obstacles. They are there to make your journey more interesting. They might stop you for a while, but they should never make you turn around. Think of all the energy you put into those dreams and you will realize how important they are.Β I am ready to go on the path I chose and become the best I can be. You should do the same:

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8 thoughts on “MWM&M: Motivational Musing

  1. Mesca!!!!
    You have summed up all of the swirling emotions I’ve been battling like a tiny ill-equipped knight fighting a devastatingly evil doubt dragon!
    Thank you for posting this reminder to quiet my mind and refocus on my true center.
    Lotsa love girl!

    Aaaand what’s your FB under?πŸ™‚

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    1. Glad my words spoke for you as we need reminders from time to time. You know our mind it’s quite tricky and messes with us, but in the end we have to see what truly matters😊. Keep it going and never give up!πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‡πŸ˜Žhugs

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