MWM&M: Summer thoughts

Coming home from work today I thought about this summer and how it changed me. It was probably one of the toughest summers in my life, but I’ve managed to survive. It was mentally exhausting, therefore my energy level was constantly very low. I couldn’t concentrate as much as I wanted on the things I love, I didn’t write anything, didn’t checked my blog for nearly one month and many times couldn’t bring myself together to do something constructive. I couldn’t find my words most of the time. It’s like I was caught in a game, where words were flying around me, but I couldn’t catch any. Must admit I learned some more things about photography and did a few awesome shots, but it doesn’t feel enough.

As I am sipping from a glass of wine I’m thinking of the lessons I’ve learned this summer. One of them was to speak out my mind, because if I don’t no one will do it for me. If I don’t like something to point it out, instead of biting my tongue and walking away. One of the reason I changed was the result of meeting many people and none of them my kind. That shouldn’t have been a problem if those people were nice or at least decent, but it wasn’t the case. So after a breakdown in the middle of the summer I changed completely.  I realised ignoring was the best option for the sake of my sanity. So the more Zen I become the angrier they get. I realised in the equation I need to be selfish and think of my well being, otherwise my mood will suffer loads. There are goals I need to focus on at the time being and all the other things are just details. People’s opinion about me is not that important as long as I know who I am and what I’m capable of. And believe me when I say, we are capable of great things, we just have to believe in ourselves and our greatness. 

Until next time, Sia will tell you how it works:

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