I am tired of living in a world surrounded by sleeping people, by people who are afraid to speak up their mind and by people who try to use you every time possible. I am tired of greedy souls, of fake faces and rotten souls. I am tired of listening to empty words and most of all I am tired of slavery. This slavery we all accept and hope one day we’ll have the courage to speak up and change the world. You know, the society won’t change if you ask for your rights and plead for justice, but one thing will change for sure and that is the world around you. You’ll cause a wave and waves, if they are strong enough can become tsunamis. So don’t sit there and hold your breath or bite your tongue. Make your voice loud and give power to your words. No one will do it for you, because no one cares. If you speak loud enough, you might wake up some sleepy souls and they might realise it’s time to change and stay awake. Because the problem is our lack of observance and our fear of change, of breaking the rules, of being rebels. Why you might ask if you are too afraid to answer it yourself. It’s because you will stand there alone, no one will cheer you up, no one will agree. You will have to fight your fight on your own and that takes a lot of courage. If you are up to it, don’t have second thoughts, because those thoughts will put you down, break you, make you one of the many others who are too afraid to live.

 I decided to fight my battles on my own, with my bare hands and strong words. Am not turning back because am up for a change. After all, I love autumn and autumn is a season of change.