​Tricked by intelligent mind games,

In a world where seldom we stop and admire

The beauty obstructed by an invisible barb wire.

We run, stumble, fall and collide

Finally arriving to a place we cannot hide

A soul connected with the whole world outside.

Published by Mesca

There are more than enough things you can find about me if you read my blog :)...

9 thoughts on “Obstruction

    1. Thank you so much Michelle, for your kind and encouraging words.The moment photography came into my life, I stared to observe the life around me with a different eye and see the beauty in everything. It’s all about stopping and admiring, as beauty is everywhere.

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  1. I tried to reblog this amazing post and the internet crashed – yet again. I remembered it and today took the time to find it in my amazingly huge (actually overwhelming) inbox. The poem and the image (your photos are powerful) touched me so deeply I keep coming back to the image and recall the sentiment. Great work, Mesca. I hope peace carries you throughout this busy season. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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    1. Thank you so much, Roo! Whenever I go out with my camera, I want to create stories, meaning behind images. It’s the way I express myself the best. I am happy you liked it. It means a lot when people see my photographs the way I see them. That is the purpose of it all. 😊
      Wish you all the best and really nice holidays. ❤


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