Another good book on a great topic

We live in a society that celebrates freedom of speech, though when you express your opinions you are blamed, criticized, you are the elephant in the room. But you know what? Instead of being quiet and silently dissaproving things that happen around you, why not address them. Therefore, let’s talk about subjects people don’t like to talk.

First that comes to my mind it’s gender inequality. And after reading Men explain things to me (audio version) by Rebecca Solnit, I had to address it. I’ve seen it and felt it in my work previous work place, so I know what the author means.

I mean, why are men believed to be better than women and why are women silently accepting it? After everything Emmeline Pankhurst and the suffragettes have endured, after Rossa Parks, women are still silent and obedient, like lambs. And men, why do you consider yourselves better leaders, better scientists, better athletes? It’s not like women haven’t proved you wrong already.

Even when both men and women are incompetent and can’t do their jobs properly, women are being sacked whilst men get a second, third or even forth chance. See Theresa May Vs Boris Johnson.

How is this possible in a world that praises humans rights and equality? How can this still be happening in a society that considers itself modern? Why are we hanging on so tight to ancient customs and perceptions?

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