Random existential questions

Do we deserve to know the truth? Could we handle it? And if so, would we know what to do with it?

These are the questions I’ve been asking myself for the past few days. I am always into research, reading and analyzing because that’s my nature. But do these benefit of the masses even when they have no clue what to do with the knowledge?

They say knowledge is power, but this power can be both good and bad. Knowledge in a madman’s hand could destroy a world, same results will happen if it falls in the hands of fools, as they could not process it.

As a journalist I was taught to always tell people the truth as it is, no biases. To be objective and present the facts. But what if those facts are my own perception and that truth is only what I’m capable to perceive?

In the last couple of weeks some people told me they prefer to be ignorant and don’t want to learn more. I accept their decision, but wonder if this is a general fact. If people prefer to be ignorant as that is what gives them peace and confort.

And if so, is the truth and knowledge worth keeping only to oneself? Or share it with the world and let the people do their own research.

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