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This is exactly what happens when you are misunderstood, when all your genius and talent are shoved under the carpet by the society.
I wept and not because I knew how this was going to end(I have the 6th sense) , but because of the unfairness of it all. How everything in this society is so f*cked up? The lack of knowledge and sense seems to be praised meanwhile the geniuses and raw talents are considered oddities.

Chris Wind is a fabulous writer. Her insights and ideas, captivate you in a way you want to discuss them with the people around you. That is, if you have people who can perceive and have valid opinions on the topic. As objective as I can be, I find the writing style very appealing: the quotations, the poetry and the subject combine beautifully, creating a masterpiece. An interesting mix of a memoir and biography,  a philosophical novel, together with some amazing poetry. It is a meditative reading, that will make you ask yourself questions, take notes and be more introspective.

That was the objective part, now comes the subjective one. This is what happens won’t only be the book of the year for me, but it ranks high, top 5 on the best books ever read. Kris, is like a best friend you could talk to about stuff, knowing she will get you. Reading this book was like a 2 am talk whilst admiring the stars and the Milky Way. It’s like knowing I am not alone, there are other people like me, with same ideas as mine. It was both refreshing and painful to go through everything with her and feeling her every move, every rejection, every hardship. I’ve been through many situations similar to hers and I asked myself the same questions. I would have loved to have a sister like Kris, she is my kind.

It took me a while to finish this book and not because it was a difficult read, but because I wanted to absorb everything, to acknowledge my ideas are not that crazy, that there are other people who think like me. It’s funny how sometimes, life brings you the right people/books at the right time.

I truly recommend This is what happens to everyone, though I know many won’t get it, many will find it depressing (flash news! Life is depressing if you analyze it objectively) and many will simply not understand it. But, I absolutely love it and give it 5stars+

This is what happens by Chris Wind

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