Restoring Faith in Humanity

This virus has brought fear and in some cases the worst in most people. But, despite all the the struggle, despite arguments like masks/no masks, which country has the most cases, economy vs health, etc there are still good people in the world, ready to help others in need.

I live somewhere by the sea side and this place relies on tourists especially at this time of the year. However, the virus made it difficult for the tourism sector which is barely surviving. Many businesses have gone bankrupt and with new cases emerging each day, the tourists are less and less.

Yesterday, I went on a bus ride, first in about five months and even now, in what should be the busiest time of the year, there were only 15 people in the bus, far less than in January, when buses were packed.

You’d think with this crisis services would improve, but I am afraid it isn’t the case with bus companies. In the tourist area, two tourists got in the bus and had ten euros to pay for the ticket. They couldn’t speak the national language and of course the driver could not speak English. He was refusing to let them in, telling them they need change. The guys explained they waited for the bus for more than 20 minutes, but the driver was not having it. He didn’t care they were tourists and had no clue about the rules here. He was refusing to let them in.

Luckily, one of the guys who sells sunglasses and hats on the beach came to their rescue and went to change their money. His gesture was so genuine and impressed me to tears. Those guys, most of them have no legal papers to work here, are being given strange looks on the street and having a tough life in general with police and so. But he instantly jumped to help someone else. God bless him and people like him, who are ready to do good despite the adversities.

His gesture made me restore a bit of faith in humanity. We are not doomed as a species, not all of us. There are still good people out there, who deserve to live in a better world.

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2 thoughts on “Restoring Faith in Humanity

  1. The most genuine and nicest people are the ones who knows what it’s like to be treated differently. This is the type of news and stories I’m more likely to read and hear. 😊

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