Have you heard of imposter syndrome?

Have you ever felt like the tasks at your job are way above your knowledge or abilities? Have you ever felt like a fraud and atribute all your accomplishments to luck? You don’t like compliments as sometimes you feel you don’t deserve re them? You as many others like you, have possibly experienced the impostor syndrome.

Waking up this Saturday morning I decided to share with you my experience and what I have learned so far about the Imposter Syndrome. Apparently it was first studied on women and it was believed only women suffer from it. But it’s not the case. Here are the successful entrepreneur Mike Cannon Brookes and actor David Tennant talking about their experiences with impostor syndrome.

I first heard about it reading an article in EuroWeeklyNews last week’s issue at page 49, where Dione Lockery talks about. It sounded so familiar. So I decided to learn more about it. On Future Learn I found a course offered by University of Southern Queensland Australia about Overcoming Imposter Syndrome:Identify the patterns undermining your confidence so I dived in.

It was such an informative short course. I had made some tests to determine the degree of impostor syndrome in my brain and wasn’t surprised to find it way over 50 per cent. I have learned there are 5 types of imposter syndrome and learned how to overcome them. Also, I have read that many successful people as we saw already, suffer from it. Here’s a more detailed article.

We all have our doubts and sometimes we feel like frauds. The key to everything is to keep growing your mind and learn more things, expand your consciousness. Change our mindsets from fixed to growth and soon we’ll feel better. And if that doesn’t work, when the imposter syndrome tries to get ownership over your brain, remember this quote from Michel de Montaigne, that will at least cheer you up:

Kings and philosophers shit- and so do ladies.

Michel de Montaigne
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