Gender Fraud-a fiction raises some questions

She had to – What? Behave appropriately. Speak appropriately. Say nice shit or keep her mouth shut.

Gender Fraud

“Essentially, nearly all people are born with physical characteristics that are labelled male or female. ” states Office of National Statistics in the UK. WHO defines gender as based on socially constructed features.

Gender Identity Fraud and gender dysphoria are things I have learned about by reading this book. Done my research to get an understanding of the concepts. Gender Identity Fraud “cases involve a person being criminalised and sent to prison as a sex offender for deceiving a sexual partner over their gender.” People who suffer from gender dysphoria feel they are the wrong sex.

That being said, Peg Tittle did it again, with this new controversial novel. I found myself nodding every time Kat made a comment, every time she had to present the facts to everyone working in the correctional(!?) facility.

I know this book migh create a controversy for trans-women and I don’t want to go there, because this was not the message I got from reading it.

It’s about hundreds of years of women being subordinated. There is this standardised image of women, our society promotes. The consumerism society pushes women to buy all sorts of make-up to look better, to hide their age, to not feel confortable in their own skin. It’s a whole industry build on the concept of women perfection. You need to wear this in order to be attractive to the opposite sex. Everything is made in coordination with men’s needs. No doubt they are behind all this industry.

Being a photographer and studying poses in women portraiture, you easily come to the conclusion they were first created by men. Every pose either expresses fragility or sensuality. Rarely, some photographers decide to brake the rules. However, most women like posing in this way, so I guess the programming worked pretty well.

Also, as a woman, you should be quiet, not correct anyone, especially not a man. You should always smile and feel happy. If you fail to do these, you are sanctioned in a way or another.

We live in a world where women are still being punished for wearing a bra, for not wearing gloves and what in the world was wrong with France? Therefore, many issues are still not being addressed and it’s easy to divert your attention towards trivial matters.

Gender Fraud addresses all the issues stated above. I enjoyed the dialogue between Kat and Dell and her answers to the psychiatrist’s questions were ace.

“Lose the battle to win the war.” does not always work as Kat learned from attending various groups, all on irrelevant matters (cake decorating, sewing, nothing to require’s one intellect). Childless Group was one of the worst and I totally agree with Kat on that one.

Overall, I quite enjoyed Gender Fraud-a fiction. The ending was unexpected and also came with a twist.

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