The books of January

January has been a long month, or so it seems. I managed to read ten books, but am sure this is a one off. Am still contemplating on how I managed to read that much…

I have read six thrillers towards the end of the month, because when I get swept in the psychological drama and suspans, I need to stay there for a while.

By far, the best book I’ve read this year is The Girl with the Louding Voice by Abi DarĂ©. Such a compelling read. I had this book in my library for half a year and was not interested to start reading it. After seeing how many people recommend it, I gave it a go and was so impressed. I have learned so much about the Nigerian society, the inequality between sex es and the child trafficking issue. Adunni reminds me of the Malala Yousafzai, Anne Frank and Tara Westover, she has some traits from all of them. The story is both heart-breaking and elating in so many ways. And, on top of everything, it is a pure example of following your dream and never give up, no matter what.
I truly recommend this book to everyone, but especially teenagers.

I started the year with a romance by Sophie Kinsella, my favourite chick-lit author. I always have a good laugh whilst reading her books. I always have a good laugh whilst reading her books. Live your life was no exception, even though, must admit I didn’t quite liked the book from the beginning. Ava and Matt are OK as characters, even though their relationship is a bit atypical, but what makes this book great are their friends. Awesome people and the last hundred pages made obvious the importance of good friends in one’s life. So cheers to Ava’s and Matt’s friends.

Next, was Miss Benson’s Beetle by Rachel Joyce. This was a book highly recommended on all the reading groups, but I was expecting more. It started very slow and was about to give up. The big action starts in the last half of the book and it becomes really entertaining. But what really sold the book for me was the fictional interview at the end of the book as well as the story behind it.
I would recommend it as a read for a lazy afternoon as it is quite inspiring and entertaining once you get into it.

After that, came a book from E. Lockhart, because I loved We Were Liars. Genuine Fraud was a bit of a dissapointment. First, the writing style was off and couldn’t get into the story. Then the main character, Jule, was a bit fade, I couldn’t have any strong feelings for her.
After reading half of the book I came across the twists and it was alright until the end. I guess none of the other novels E. Lockhart write will equal We were liars, but I won’t give up on her yet.

In the end came the thrillers and what an interesting ride.

Best one by far was Behind her eyes by Sarah Pinborough. After two days of trying to figure it out, from the beginning of the book up until then end, I realise what a true genius Sarah Pinborough actually is. I was not expecting the end, not in a million years. How can your life change from a brief encounter with a mysterious good looking man in a bar? Are you ready for the roller-coaster you are going to embark in? Not quite ready for the destination though…
Adele, Louise and David get into this roller-coaster and their secrets are about to blow, but to whose advantage. And who will win in the end, because in this game, there’s always a winner and sometimes is the one you least expect. Madness , pure madness…

The Wife Between Us by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen was the next interesting thriller. I had this book on my shelf for more than a year and never got the chance to start it. Finally after being recommended on some book clubs I decided to read it. And what an interesting ride.
Vanessa, Nellie, Richard, Maureen and Emma, they all seemed off. Couldn’t trust Richard from the beginning, Vanessa seemed crazy, Nellie too anxious, Maureen was odd and Emma was the surprise in the end. It was an interesting read with enough twists and a good structure.

Then, came three books from Lisa Jewell: Watching You, Invisible Girl and Then She Was Gone.

Watching You was the closest to a thriller from all of them. Melville, a little village near-by Bristol, is a mix of funny and strange characters and most of them live around Melville’s Heights. The Fitzwilliams, Joey, Jenna Tripp and her mum, Bess, Rebecca, they  are all odd in some ways and you suspect them to do some crazy thing any minute. You have no clue what happened, but you suspect something bad involving a teacher and his students when in fact, you have no idea.
As most of Lisa Jewell’s books I really liked “Watching You” and was constantly guessing what happened even though I was so far from the truth. And the final page adds to the twists.

Invisible Girl is Jewell’s latest books and it’s not a thriller as such, more of a mystery drama. It deals with psychological issues, trauma and misconceptions and overall is a very interesting read
Saffyre Maddox goes missing and the odd guy gets to be sentenced. We can see how misinterpretation and misconception plays such an important role in our psyche and how easily,we can accuse someone, who looks and behaves in an  odly manner, of gruesome things.
“Invisible girl” is about family, trauma, mental disorders and incels. I have just learned there is such a thing as incels and what are they. Thank you Lisa Jewell for enlighten me.

Then She Was Gone is a very intriguing book. I had mixed feelings about it and was about to give up on it. But what I was not expecting was to cry at the end.
As Jewell says in the Aknowledgememts, Then she was gone is a bizzare book, comparing to her other ones. It makes you wonder why choosing the plot as she did and some of the characters. I was annoyed with some of the outcomes and wished for different twists, but they never came. At times, it reminded me of Lovely Bones, a book I never finished.
However, there are some characters I felt for. I put myself in their shoes and tried to understand their reasoning and their psychological issues. Floyd was a very interesting character, so well portraited and he was the one who made me cry in the end. Go figure.
I would recommend this book to a book club as there’s plenty to talk about.

A book I didn’t like was The Lullaby/The Perfect Nanny by Leila Slimani. I have read this book in one day and must admit I was a bit dissapointed. This is not a thriller but mostly an observation of loneliness, obsession and trauma. We know what happened from the beginning and we try to figure out the reasons behind it all. But the reasons are sometimes hard to find, hidden in small acts, little details that might passed unobserved.
I particularly did not like this book, even though the writing style is easy, but the subject is gruesome, the story is haunting and you are left without much consolation. I felt like watching a bad movie.

So what were you January reads?

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