February’s Books

This past month was not the best in terms of reading. I read less books in a whole month than in the last 10 days of January. On top of that, I challenged myself to read a few books in Spanish, some in Romanian and some in English which made reading interesting enough. With that being sad, I managed to read five books.

Here is a short poem using the books titles.

Pretty baby, I see you

So Unshakeable

Explaining The Theory of colours

To A Clockwork Orange.

I really liked Tony Robbins’ book, Unshakeable. It taught me about finances, stock and investments. It was the second book of that sorts I read, and got quite interested in the subject.

Pretty baby was not as good as I expected as I loved Good Girl by May Kubica. It was good, but not as good. Heidi was a nice character at the beginning of the book, but she terrified me towards the end. I really felt sorry for poor Willow.

The Theory of Colours is like a manual averyone interested in colors should read. Informative and still stands strong.

A Clockwork Orange was a book that annoyed me in terms of the main character. I reconize it must have been a master piece when it first appeared as the writing style is so innovative same as the Ludovico Method and the questions it attracts. But Alex, I loathed him and don’t feel sorry for what happened to him. He had no remorse for his acts, and for people like him Ludovico Method seems the only option.

I See You was the last book I read last month and it was a good psychological thriller. It started really good captivating my attention, and make me guess all the time. I had some doubts, but Mackintosh is such a great author that constantly makes you doubt your guesses.

So these are my reads for February. What were yours?


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