Day 2: 20 facts about myself- revised

Looking back on the list from 2015, I was left wondering for a few minutes. What can I add more? Thing is, most of the facts stayed unchanged, cause they are part of who I am.

However, after a long thought of five minutes, I managed to find some new facts about myself, facts that I added to my personality in the last 5 years.

1. I am an artist at heart and now I am not ashamed to shout it out loud.
2. Fell in love with photography at the end of 2015
3. Still love books, but I am more into psychological thrillers and self help, lately.
4. Stopped drinking alcohol and coffee and it really improved my mood.
5. I read four books at a time: one on kindle, one on phone, one on tablet and one on the PC. It depends on my mood.
6. I use Photography as therapy and encourage others to do so.
7. Have just opened my online photography shop and part of the profits I want to donate to non-profit organizations that use photography as therapeutic healing.
8. I speak 3 languages fluently and other three on a basic understandable level.
9. I eat sweets only once a week.
10. Adopted a healthier diet and it really helped in boosting my energy and mood.
11. Haven’t learned to play the keyboard yet, but there’s still time.
12. Still love sleeping, solitude, silence in nature, learning new things, abstract art, spending time around children, music- I guess these are part of my personality.
13. I love the sea, and always make sure to come back to it. Living by the seaside is made for me, or I am made for it, whatever works best.
14. I like good jokes and love to laugh out loud.
15. Cake is my favourite dessert.
17. Stopped eating diary and only have them when I have my cheat day.
18. My favourite fruits are mango and papaya.
19. Singing puts me in a good mood, even though I have no particular skill in that matter.
20. After this challenge I need to do a flash fiction one.

This is not all, but there were only 20 facts about oneself. Who’s up for the challenge?


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