Day 3: My favourite quote

I have been thinking about this for some time and came to the conclusion I don’t have a favourite quote. There are words that inspire me, words that stick with me, words that change me. But I can’t choose only one quote.

Back to my first challenge, I chose three quotes that were speaking to me at that time. They still do, but there are others that are even stronger.

So, for today’s challenge, I choose, on top of the favourite quote, some phrases from some recent books I read, that really stuck with me.

Without further ado, my favourite quote is this:

Great advice, indeed!

As for the phrases that really spoke to me, here are some:

What I’m saying is that life keeps giving me opportunities to choose freedom—to love myself as I am: human, imperfect, and whole. So I forgave myself, releasing them so I can release me.

Edith Eger, The Gift

Life—even with its inevitable trauma, pain, grief, misery, and death—is a gift. A gift we sabotage when we imprison ourselves in our fears of punishment, failure, and abandonment; in our need for approval; in shame and blame; in superiority and inferiority; in our need for power and control. To celebrate the gift of life is to find the gift in everything that happens, even the parts that are difficult, that we’re not sure we can survive. To celebrate life, period. To live with joy, love, and passion.

Edith Eger, The Gift

Our younger selves think in terms of a beginning, middle, and some kind of resolution. But somewhere along the way—perhaps in that middle—we realize that everyone lives with things that may not get worked out. That the middle has to be the resolution, and how we make meaning of it becomes our task.

Lori Gottlieb, Maybe you should talk to someone

Of course, it’s a lot easier—and quicker—to swallow a pill than to do the heavy lifting of looking inside yourself.

Lori Gottlieb, Maybe you should talk to someone

If you want to create life-changing, memorable art, then you have to be life-changing and memorable yourself. Shy wallflower artists rarely get noticed or remembered.

Doreen Virtue, The Courage to be Creative

What are your favourite quotes or words of wisdom?


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