Day 6: Talking about fears

Wow, this is something tough because talking about one’s fears is not an easy thing to do. That’s because talking about fears brings up anxiety and a bad mood follows.

I still have the same fears I had five years ago, but I think now they’re all grouped themselves into one bigger fear, a fear we all have: fear of dying.

I mean when we are born in this world, we know our stay on this planet is limited. We learn about death since we are young children, when we are taught the seasons. We learn nature dies in autumn and is reborn in spring. It’s all a cycle, and we are part of it.

Even so, why are we all scared of death? Is it because of religion, education? Or because our brain has a special compartment called FEAR OF DEATH, that gets an important position in the hierarchy of fears as we grow old?

I am trying to understand it, therefore I began reading some books on the matter. When I will have my answers, will get back with a blog post.

Until then, try to acknowledge your fears, look them in the face, shake hands and embrace. Unless your life is being at steak, fears are a product of your brain to keep you in a stable, boring, confortable place. But we can’t live our lives like that, so from time to time, challenge your fears.


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