Day 8: My current goals

It seems five years ago I skipped day 8 and have no idea why. Maybe it was because I usually refuse to set goals and had nothing to write about. But why not write about something you don’t agree with?

Why I don’t set goals? Because whenever I do so, there’s no chance of reaching them. Visualisation, what everyone teaches you to do nowadays, might not be for everyone. I hoped it would and even created a visualisation board and stuff, but except eating healthy nothing came to fruition.

It might be only me, but goals can make you depressed in case you are not reaching them. Or, when you reach them you feel lost because you have no clue where to go from there.

So live for the moment, try to become the best version of yourself, do what you love as much as you can and success will follow. Or, if setting goals works for you go for it. Set as many as you can and good luck!

Are you the type of person who sets goals or not? Let me know in the comments as I’m really curious.

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3 thoughts on “Day 8: My current goals

  1. Hmmm. For me? I suppose it depends on the context. Sometimes the “live each day your best” works well for me, others I need something stronger to hold on to. It does make me feel good to reach goals that I set out to do, but I guess I’ve missed enough of them that I’ve been able to practice good old-fashioned self-forgiveness. =)

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