Day 15: In five years

I never set goals, as stated before, so there’s nearly impossible to see myself in five years.

For example five years ago I didn’t see a pandemic in the horizon and a world crisis on the way. But, on the bright side, the air became cleaner. Unfortunately the world became uglier and meaner. It’s sad how hard times bring out the worst in people, instead of the best. I saw a 2020 where people starting fighting with each other, disagreeing on everything and being scared of one another. 2020 was not he best year and 2021 doesn’t look that great either.

I still hope for health and wealth for everyone in the present and future and for a better understanding of the world around us. And for empathy.

But if we live in the present, with love and understanding, we can create a better future for us and the world around us.

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