Day 16: My thoughts on education

There are many things I want to say about education and most of them I have already stated last time.

In the meantime, I had time to test another education system as an insider. And some of the ideas changed. I learned how to teach, so students can become curious, by questioning things and using critical thinking.

And I also understood that if we, as teachers, don’t try our best to open those young minds, parents are doing almost nothing to do so.

One lesson comes to mind, when we were teaching them about suffragette movement. And we decided to play a game. We were reading some statements and they had to divide themselves in two groups. Who agreed and who dissagreed, debating their choices. The statements were regarding jobs that women could have. For example, “Women could be doctors.” Interesting fact, but something that didn’t surprise me a lot, was that most boys said women couldn’t be football players, atheletes, bodybuilders, etc. We are talking about Year2 students so six and seven years old.

At the end of the lesson, we showed them a video with bad ass women who are extremely good athletes and all the boys remained speechless. They couldn’t believe what they were seeing. But they understood one thing that day, that women and men are equals and there’s no such thing made only for men or only for women. We are all humans and can be great achievers in fields ruled by the opposite sex, because sex and gender are not something that should define us.

But things like that are not discussed in most families, and we can’t expect that to change any time soon. Only when these young children are thaught in school to see the world differently, they will teach others the same things.

Until then, we just try to change the world slowly, one step at the time.

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