The Enchanted Forest

‘Have I ever told you I used to be a fairy?’ 

The children looked at her incredulously. 

‘Of course I used to be a fairy, how else could I have lived in an enchanted forest?’ 

‘What’s an enchanted forest, Miss?’

‘Oh, didn’t you know? An enchanted forest is where dreams come to life and where fairies have the time of their lives. Every night, after the dark sets in and only the moon and stars are at duty, all the fairies come out to play, dance, sing and fly, having the best time.’

‘So what happened next?’ came a little voice from the back of the classroom. 

‘Why are you so eager to know? Why can’t we stay in the happy moments, the moments of bliss, where everything is good and nothing bad can happen? I guess it’s human nature to do that.’

‘What is uman nature, Miss?’, asked a little boy. 

‘It’s human nature and it’s the way people are and behave in general. Adults like to hurry, you want to grow up and we all forget to have fun and live in the moment. We forget that the essence of life is being here and now. It’s the only thing we have’, her eyes glazed as she was saying these words, more to herself than to her audience. 

‘So what happened next, Miss? Tell us!!!’ another girl interrupted her complex thoughts. 

Children were very impatient, she noticed. It’s a trait they maintain throughout their lives. How she could teach them patience was still a mystery, but she wasn’t ready to give up yet. She still had some time left. 

‘To find out the answer to that question, you have to wait until tomorrow, because stories take time and patience. If you hurry them, they will lose their magic.’

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