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Hey, it’s me, Clara! You don’t know me yet, but you will. I mean you will, through my stories and what I have to say. Which is not very important for the world, but it is for me, cause it’s my life. And my life has had some ups and downs some bumps along the way. But what life is perfect? Who can raise a hand and claim their life is perfect? Right! ? I though so. No one, that is who.

So this is a photo of me, obviously, taken on my trip to London in 2018. Great times, heh? Well they were great because they weren’t these times, which are a bit awful, to be honest. And frankly, I don’t even know where we’re heading to! But let’s forget for a moment about the current situation and focus on the past. Sometimes it’s a good exercise to escape the present.

So I went to London, which I enjoyed, but it was so brief that I can’t remember much. Also the hangover from the night before, didn’t help. I was impressed by the grandeur of Canary Wharf, The Tower of London, The Shard-which can be seen in the picture, they are all great and iconic, but I felt like something was missing.

I love big cities, but not to live in them. I like people watching, imagining their stories, but I couldn’t be one of them. I’m such a free spirit who couldn’t be trapped in a city doing an office job from 9 to 5. I find it too boring and soul consuming. But I also get it, I get why people choose these jobs and fight for them. It’s just not my scene.

So that was that, London was great, but I was glad when went back to Manchester, in my old shared Victorian house, and quiet neighbourhood. Well, quiet most of the times. But more about that next time. There are still so many stories to tell, but we’ve got time.

Until next time, be happy, think outside the box, be you! Clara xx

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