On life and love with Edda&Earl

‘Was it difficult?’ Edda asked, breaking the silence.

‘What?’ replied Earl with a question, more of habit than interest. After so many years together, he got used with Edda’s way of thinking out loud. Sometimes she was asking questions, just to hear the words dancing into thin air. She loved words and used them as often as she can. Earl was a quiet man, but without Edda, his life would have been very empty.

Earl always bought a book with him and Edda some knitting. That was how they prepared to watch the sunsets every evening. They even had their own bench and everyone in town knew that. But that was out of a habit as Earl did no reading and Edda no knitting while the sun was setting. It was too mesmerising to do anything else.

‘To love me’ she looked at him with fondness in her eyes. It was the love and respect that got them through the years and through the hardships. ‘I know I wasn’t the easiest woman to love, I was stubborn, still am, I was wild and loud. For a quiet man like you it must have been a lot. I know I was overwhelming at times, but you stuck with me, through it all.’ she turned to watch the sunset but a tear rolled down her wrinkly cheeks.

‘No, it wasn’t difficult, it was right. It felt right, it still feels like that. You showed me a different side of life and without you my life would be hollow.’ Earl reached for Edda’s hand and gave it a squeeze. It was his silent way of showing her affection. And Edda knew that, so she squeezed back.

And with that, they let the silence speak and continued admiring the last light of the day.

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