Clara’s Adventures

Sometimes I feel like I’m the female version of Coelho’s Alchemist. And when I think about it, this used to be my favourite book. One the few ones I’ve read twice. Nevermind, I don’t want to write about that today anyway. Today it’s about childhood and places that take you back in time.

Whenever I decide to wander on the muddy trails behind my house I am instantly reminded of childhood. And how could that be any different since not much has changed in the surroundings. Sometimes if feels like the time stood still for so many years. That changes when one looks in the mirror, but that’s on a rather different subject.

And as for childhood memories there are plenty, some happy and some not quite. What strikes me the most is that I always had a feeling of not fitting in with the crowd, with people around me, even with my relatives. I never seemed to find subjects of interests with people around me and that made me realize I needed to flee in order to find my tribe. And so I did.

But now that I’m back, I realise I feel the same as I did as a child, but now I don’t care if I am different from the people around me, I don’t care if we have nothing in common, because I did find my tribe eventually so I don’t feel that misunderstood anymore.


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