When inspiration leaves the room

I want to create something daily, but that doesn’t always happens. And there are days when I have no idea what to draw or create so I start drawing lines.

Those lines might connect and in the end I might get to see a final picture or they might remain simple lines floating on the paper.

This happened here and in the end they looked like Phineas from Phineas and Ferb cartoons. So I consider them his distant relatives. Here they are:

I only used make-up to colour this picture and it’s quite funny as I look at time. Brings me back to childhood.

So, as it turn out you just have to start something, it will make sense in the end.

Stomp the gremlins, slay the vampires, pull the monsters out of the dark closet and knock out the supervillains the same way you tackle your fears-by facing them and taking one step forward. Create anyway. And when they persist and just won’t allow you to move forward, then draw them, paint them, write about them, talk to them, break out your art journal and illustrate them, sculpt them from clay. Use your evolving signature style to identify them so you can continue on your journey.

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