Day 8: My current goals

It seems five years ago I skipped day 8 and have no idea why. Maybe it was because I usually refuse to set goals and had nothing to write about. But why not write about something you don’t agree with? Why I don’t set goals? Because whenever I do so, there’s no chance of reachingContinue reading “Day 8: My current goals”

Day 7: My top 5 music songs at the moment

I still like the songs from five years ago, they still rank high on my personal top 40, but I have also added some new ones in the years that followed. Here the latest five songs added to my playlist (a bit of a Rag’n’Bone Man fan at the moment):

Day 6: Talking about fears

Wow, this is something tough because talking about one’s fears is not an easy thing to do. That’s because talking about fears brings up anxiety and a bad mood follows. I still have the same fears I had five years ago, but I think now they’re all grouped themselves into one bigger fear, a fearContinue reading “Day 6: Talking about fears”

Day 5: My proudest moment

Five years ago, I had to dig deep for to find the answer. Today, on the other hand, the answer is simple and I don’t have to look too hard for it. My proudest moment is related to my recent hobby: photography. Writing and reading, I have been doing them for quite a while, butContinue reading “Day 5: My proudest moment”

Day 4- My dream job… processing…

We all dream of a favourite job ever since we are children. Most common phrase when you hear children talking is ‘When I grow I want to be…’ And infancy is the place where dreams begin. Some hold on strong to their dreams and succeed, other forget about them and move on with life. IContinue reading “Day 4- My dream job… processing…”

Day 2: 20 facts about myself- revised

Looking back on the list from 2015, I was left wondering for a few minutes. What can I add more? Thing is, most of the facts stayed unchanged, cause they are part of who I am. However, after a long thought of five minutes, I managed to find some new facts about myself, facts thatContinue reading “Day 2: 20 facts about myself- revised”

30 days writing challenge after 5 years

Yesterday I came across a 30 days writing challenge I did 5 years ago and decided to do the same challenge as a reply to my older self. This should be fun☺️. It’s May 10th and because someone told me a couple of weeks ago that postponing makes it difficult to accomplish things, I decidedContinue reading “30 days writing challenge after 5 years”

Roaring laughter

Laughing is the best remedy. That’s why I try to experience it daily. I saw the following video a couple of hours ago, after and intense debating on a disturbing subject (will write about it on Mid-Week Music&Musings).  Even though the end of the video was quite fumy,  this lady’s reaction, made me see howContinue reading “Roaring laughter”