A limerick challenge

This is the second time I tried my luck with limerick. I find it quite difficult, but I love challenges. So thanks to Mind And Life Matters and her Limerick Poetry Challenge I can practice this more. Here’s my approach on this week’s prompt : Immortal spirit They said their life was shit They couldn’t stand it anyContinue reading “A limerick challenge”

3 Day Quote Challenge (Day 3)

Today being the last day of this challenge, I decided to choose some quotes that will put a smile on your face. Am guilty of enjoying – from time to time – an easy read, a chick lit novel that will make me laugh out loud. My three picks for the day, are from three books IContinue reading “3 Day Quote Challenge (Day 3)”

3 Day Quote Challenge (Day 2)

Back again, with the second round of quotes. Thank you Chape for nominating me. If in need for some healthy tips, do visit his blog. Challenge rules: 1. Post three consecutive days. 2. You can pick one or three quotes per day. 3. Challenge three different bloggers per day. For the last 20 minutes, have beenContinue reading “3 Day Quote Challenge (Day 2)”

3 Day Quote Challenge (Day 1)

Did I tell you I love quotes? I basically live my life ruled by them. Here’s one that inspired me the most last year: Thank you Chape @ Chape Blog for nominating me to this awesome 3 days challenge! If you didn’t visit his blog before, you should do it straight away as you can learnContinue reading “3 Day Quote Challenge (Day 1)”

Writing with no audience in mind

Do you have an ideal reader in mind, while writing your posts? I don’t. If you stick around and browse through my posts, you’ll notice the randomness of them all. It’s like going into a market where you can find nearly everything. Not a supermarket, but an open market, like the ones in Eastern Europe, whereContinue reading “Writing with no audience in mind”