When inspiration leaves the room

I want to create something daily, but that doesn’t always happens. And there are days when I have no idea what to draw or create so I start drawing lines. Those lines might connect and in the end I might get to see a final picture or they might remain simple lines floating on theContinue reading “When inspiration leaves the room”

How it all began

Feeling trapped si not cool and feeling trapped in life is even worse. I feel like sometimes there’s no way out and no escape so the only thing that calms my mind is doing art. It started with writing and words when I first started this blog in 2015.but at some point, words just lostContinue reading “How it all began”

On life and love with Edda & Earl

“Remember when we started dating, that we used to wear matching clothes?”, chuckles Edda. “Yes, we were so cute. I think we knew it then that we’ll end up together forever. At least I knew”, replies Earl. “How did you know that? We were so young, you couldn’t possibly have thought about marriage back then”,Continue reading “On life and love with Edda & Earl”

Clara’s Adventures

Sometimes I feel like I’m the female version of Coelho’s Alchemist. And when I think about it, this used to be my favourite book. One the few ones I’ve read twice. Nevermind, I don’t want to write about that today anyway. Today it’s about childhood and places that take you back in time. Whenever IContinue reading “Clara’s Adventures”

On life and love with Edda&Earl

‘Was it difficult?’ Edda asked, breaking the silence. ‘What?’ replied Earl with a question, more of habit than interest. After so many years together, he got used with Edda’s way of thinking out loud. Sometimes she was asking questions, just to hear the words dancing into thin air. She loved words and used them asContinue reading “On life and love with Edda&Earl”

Clara’s Adventures

Today I wanted to write about some on my adventures on happy days. But life happens and unexpected things as well. So today is not about happy memories, or travel or adventures, it is about the present. I am back home for some time and even though adjusting took a while and it’s an ongoingContinue reading “Clara’s Adventures”