Psychochromatic Redemption

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Inspired by a picture

Running out of words

What do you do when you lose your words? When they become insignificant as you learn to express  yourself through other medium. What then? Do you give up? I don’t, but I speak and write less and observe more. That’s how I discovered  photography, observing  more, learning to see differently. It wasn’t easy  at first, but everything takes  time to process. And I guess you can’t really lose your words, but you can lose the need to use them. So you  use them less and less and listen and observe more. Maybe that is a new step  in human existence…

Lost in translation 

Lost in translation

On life interpretation 

There is no way out.


Graceful little things

The way they form in winter

The flowers of ice.



Your sweet temptation

Is like an invitation 

To commit a sin.




Define life today

Tomorrow is uncertain

Time is relative.


Happy New Year and all the best in 2017!

The Gate of Kiss

No kisses to share

No one left to admire

The Unity Gatept-net


The Gate of Kiss is part of the Sculptural Ensemble of Constantin Brâncuși at Târgu Jiu. The kiss means the Unity, while the eight pillars represent the eight provinces unified with the Motherland, Romania.


​Contrast, shadows

Light and dark

Nothing real, no substance or a spark

Line connecting line

Texture from divine 

Creating in nothingness 

Sometimes might lead to greatness.

Some thoughts

Deciding between

Staying or leaving this place,

Is overwhelming.



​Tricked by intelligent mind games,

In a world where seldom we stop and admire

The beauty obstructed by an invisible barb wire.

We run, stumble, fall and collide

Finally arriving to a place we cannot hide

A soul connected with the whole world outside.

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