MWM&M: On photography-the begining

I have always been a boring person. Not boring in the way I lived my life, but boring in my interests. Was always a top student, who never shined in any particular area. Better said was good at everything and best at nothing. Last year, when I started this blog I had no idea onContinue reading “MWM&M: On photography-the begining”

MWM&M: Logic or the lack of it

It’s nearly the week-end and I didn’t post anything for the mid-week post, but there you go, didn’t have much to say up until today, that is. Have been to my first Escape Room and came out of there just 2 minutes before our time was up. It was something worth living at least onceContinue reading “MWM&M: Logic or the lack of it”

MWM&M: On decisions and mistakes

And a mistake repeated more than once is a decision.-Paulo Coelho Battling this big headache of mine with the shouting of children from my neighbourhood I decided to contemplate on this quote. Does it apply in all cases? What is the difference between a mistake and a decision? Just as I was contemplating on theContinue reading “MWM&M: On decisions and mistakes”

MWM&M: On “the chosen ones”

My whole life have been reflecting on “the chosen people”. According to the Bible they would be the ancient Israelites, actual Jewish people. Well, let’s agree to disagree. I decided to build my own theory around the terms of “chosen people”. I do not like to follow rules, at least not in my mind andContinue reading “MWM&M: On “the chosen ones””

MWM&M: On inner children

As I was looking through the peanuts skins for the lost treasure I had a revelation. Actually more of a question than a revelation: Do we grow up or do we grow old? How much of our younger selves stays with us over the years? In my basic behaviour there are things that didn’t changeContinue reading “MWM&M: On inner children”

MWM&M: On friendship

Today it’s all about friendship and its expiration date. I have always been a loner, even though in my early and mid-twenties I didn’t look or behave like one. So I have made lots of friends in this period. Some of them came close to my heart, others just drifted apart. I’ve fallen out ofContinue reading “MWM&M: On friendship”

MWM&M: A bit lost in translation

I remember the days when Google translate was giving me headaches. Those days, when I was trying to get my work done for school, translating big chunks of text and the result was nothing I expected. The grammar was disappointing and I was getting annoyed with it. But those days are long gone and todayContinue reading “MWM&M: A bit lost in translation”

MWM&M: The winter is gone!

It’s Wednesday everyone! Not a big deal for many, but for me is my last day of holidays. Am going back to work tomorrow  and can’t say I’m very excited about it. Never mind, let’s not spoil the mood. Have been quite busy this week. I enrolled my other blog in Blogging University #Photo101 courseContinue reading “MWM&M: The winter is gone!”