My favourite songs from 2014 up until 2021

In respect to the hard research I have done six years ago in writing posts about my favourite songs from each year, I decided to add some song that stuck with me along these last few years. Many songs I have liked and loathe but there are only few that stuck with me until today.Continue reading “My favourite songs from 2014 up until 2021”


My favorite songs from 2012

Hi friends! We are in 2012 in terms of music and this year I might have made an obsession with different artists as my song list is composed of three songs from Macklemore (loved their whole album) and The Script, four from Emeli Sande (great voice) , two from Katy Perry, Chris Brown and Pink.Continue reading “My favorite songs from 2012”

Music around Europe in ’00 – Part II

Hi friends and welcome for the second part of our musical journey around Europe in the first decade of the new millennium. We went in the northern Europe first and now it’s time for the south to shine. We start from East, from Turkey, to be more exact, where we have Tarkan with Şıkıdım. MovingContinue reading “Music around Europe in ’00 – Part II”

Music around Europe in ’00 (Part I)

Hi friends and welcome to another musical journey, this time around Europe of 2000’s first decade. We’ve seen so far how music changed over the time and there are so many choices today, that no one can get bored. In Europe, there are so many artists who sing in other languages than English that IContinue reading “Music around Europe in ’00 (Part I)”

Beach party on 2009’s songs

Hi everyone! These boiling summer days go hand in hand with good music. At least something to keep our minds busy from the heat. Curious about 2009 and what it has to offer in terms of music? Well I was before I started since 2008 was so full of surprises. 2009’s songs  were pretty goodContinue reading “Beach party on 2009’s songs”

Being entertained by 08’s beats

We arrived in the year 2008. It’s been 23 years of music and changes are huge. Most themes are merely the same (love, hate, betrayal, broken hearts, insecurities- showing us how limited we are in accepting and acknowledging other truths and ideas) but the messages changed, voices changed, public changed, reality changed. Everything is differentContinue reading “Being entertained by 08’s beats”