Early morning thoughts

Are we better off not knowing things? Can the truth hurt us more than the lies? Is it better to stay in the darkness, than turning your face to the light? Because if the light is too bright, it can be blinding to the naked eye? These are the question I contemplated on today, whilstContinue reading “Early morning thoughts”

Random existential questions

Do we deserve to know the truth? Could we handle it? And if so, would we know what to do with it? These are the questions I’ve been asking myself for the past few days. I am always into research, reading and analyzing because that’s my nature. But do these benefit of the masses evenContinue reading “Random existential questions”

Inspired by a picture

December 11th, Today’s photograph inspired me into writing a verse: Smile as there’s no reason not to Enjoy what you see and connect Life is wonderful and interesting too Some words upon to reflect.


December 10th, Today is a reflection of the year 2019 and how grateful I am for everything that happened this year good and bad. One of the things that made me especially proud is shown in the image of the day. Today is not a picture, it’s a screenshot, but that will do. One ofContinue reading “Grateful”