Day 16: My thoughts on education

There are many things I want to say about education and most of them I have already stated last time.

In the meantime, I had time to test another education system as an insider. And some of the ideas changed. I learned how to teach, so students can become curious, by questioning things and using critical thinking.

And I also understood that if we, as teachers, don’t try our best to open those young minds, parents are doing almost nothing to do so.

One lesson comes to mind, when we were teaching them about suffragette movement. And we decided to play a game. We were reading some statements and they had to divide themselves in two groups. Who agreed and who dissagreed, debating their choices. The statements were regarding jobs that women could have. For example, “Women could be doctors.” Interesting fact, but something that didn’t surprise me a lot, was that most boys said women couldn’t be football players, atheletes, bodybuilders, etc. We are talking about Year2 students so six and seven years old.

At the end of the lesson, we showed them a video with bad ass women who are extremely good athletes and all the boys remained speechless. They couldn’t believe what they were seeing. But they understood one thing that day, that women and men are equals and there’s no such thing made only for men or only for women. We are all humans and can be great achievers in fields ruled by the opposite sex, because sex and gender are not something that should define us.

But things like that are not discussed in most families, and we can’t expect that to change any time soon. Only when these young children are thaught in school to see the world differently, they will teach others the same things.

Until then, we just try to change the world slowly, one step at the time.

Day 15: In five years

I never set goals, as stated before, so there’s nearly impossible to see myself in five years.

For example five years ago I didn’t see a pandemic in the horizon and a world crisis on the way. But, on the bright side, the air became cleaner. Unfortunately the world became uglier and meaner. It’s sad how hard times bring out the worst in people, instead of the best. I saw a 2020 where people starting fighting with each other, disagreeing on everything and being scared of one another. 2020 was not he best year and 2021 doesn’t look that great either.

I still hope for health and wealth for everyone in the present and future and for a better understanding of the world around us. And for empathy.

But if we live in the present, with love and understanding, we can create a better future for us and the world around us.

Day 14: My three new good habits are…

A couple of months ago I read Atomic Habits in an attempt to create some good, healthy habits. I am still finding it hard, but making progress.

So, to name the three good habits I acquired lately, they would be writing, photography and photo manipulation.

On top of those, I still have the ones from five years ago. 😁

What about you? Have you got any good habits?

Day 13: All about my fridge

What could one possibly have in a fridge except food? If you are a serial killer you might have a dead body, but except that, this question is a bit useless.

Comparing to my fridge five years ago, my fridge today, a different fridge in a different country, has eggs, vegetables, some cooked cabbage and coconut milk. It has more healthy things than it used to, showing a change in my dietary patterns. I also keep a box of Ibuprofen and my creams in the fridge so the door is stacked with them.

That’s pretty much it. Nothing too exciting in my fridge 😀. What about you? Something out of the ordinary laying in your fridge?

Day 12: My favourite childhood book is…

The most vivid memory from my childhood is watching filmstrips with stories and asking my parents to read them to me. It was like going to the cinema.

My mum used to read many stories to me when I was a child but the one that stayed with me and the one I wanted to see on the filmstrip over and over was The Enormous Turnip.

Which was your favourite childhood book? Have you heard about The Enormous Turnip?

Day 11: My favourite foods are…

I still love food, but nowadays there are certain foods I don’t eat, for example cheese, which I used to love. Then I stopped eating gluten for most days of the week so no bread or pasta.

But I love falafel, eggs, burgers, avocados, strawberries, grapes, melon, mangoes, papaya and fish. Give me fish everyday and I will be thrilled.

Oh and cake and biscuits for my tea.

Day 10: One of the best trip I ever had

I’ve had many amazing trips, along the years, but today I will talk about the first one that comes to my mind and that is the one in Lanzarote, Canary Islands. That place was something else and in one day we visited two museums and Timanfaya or the Fire Mountains.

Lanzarote is something else and because words lose their meanings, when it comes to describing places, I will post some photos from there and you can see what I tried to describe with words and failed miserably.

Day 9: What’s in your bag/wallet?

Apart for the fact that this is a nosy question and kind of inappropriate, it might help me clean my bags.

I have like three bags I use regularly and they pretty much have the same things: two or three pairs of sunglasses, a shopping bag, my wallet, a notebook, a book, some hair bubbles and a pen. On top of that I usually carry mints, that are out of date, but always forget to through them away. Same goes with receipts. I have a collection of those🙄.

I sometimes add suntan lotion, water, food, my camera, depending where I am going and the purpose of the journey. I have my keys and if cold, I manage to stuff a scarf or a small jumper (I carry big bags).

What about you? What do you carry in your bag?

Day 8: My current goals

It seems five years ago I skipped day 8 and have no idea why. Maybe it was because I usually refuse to set goals and had nothing to write about. But why not write about something you don’t agree with?

Why I don’t set goals? Because whenever I do so, there’s no chance of reaching them. Visualisation, what everyone teaches you to do nowadays, might not be for everyone. I hoped it would and even created a visualisation board and stuff, but except eating healthy nothing came to fruition.

It might be only me, but goals can make you depressed in case you are not reaching them. Or, when you reach them you feel lost because you have no clue where to go from there.

So live for the moment, try to become the best version of yourself, do what you love as much as you can and success will follow. Or, if setting goals works for you go for it. Set as many as you can and good luck!

Are you the type of person who sets goals or not? Let me know in the comments as I’m really curious.

Day 7: My top 5 music songs at the moment

I still like the songs from five years ago, they still rank high on my personal top 40, but I have also added some new ones in the years that followed.

Here the latest five songs added to my playlist (a bit of a Rag’n’Bone Man fan at the moment):