Just Breathe

When the world has no meaning
When everything you believe in is fake
When love and hope have left you
And you feel all alone
The only thing to do is stop and


Let the air clean you
Let all your thoughts go
Let all the bad things vanish
And be one with your soul.

Breathe when you have no answer
Breathe when you want to cry
Breathe when everything seems senseless
Because the air is there for you
Giving you strength to survive.

How to live a happy life in 7 simple steps

  • Turn off your TV, unplug and give it to charity, if possible

Seriously if you only turn it off, you’ll have the tendency to grab the remote control and flick through the programs, that is why you have to unplu it also. After spending half of our life in front of the magical box that tells us how to behave, how to live, what to eat, we get addicted, so the only way to get rid of this addiction is to unplug it and give it away. You’ll feel the freedom within seconds.

  • Learn to disconnect

Have you seen the Buddhist monks, how serene they look like? That is because they disconnect, spending half of their day in meditation and enjoying their own presence. Since you are not a Buddhist monk, try to disconnect for at least one hour a day. Go for a walk in the nature, listen to the birds singing or play with your pet.

  • Make peace with yourself

I know it’s a tough task sometimes, but you have to do it in order to be happy. Nobody is perfect, we are not all Victoria Secret’s models and we don’t even want to be. A world of perfect people would be boring. Give up on comparing yourself to what you read or see on the magical box. We are unique and everyone is special in their own way.

  • Make peace with your past

If you want to be happy you have to do it, as harder as it might seem. Cut all the chords, burn all the bridges and learn to fly.

  • Let go of negative thoughts

All this negativity makes you weak and hopeless. All those dreadful thoughts that darken our souls and minds are like a luggage that sometimes you forget you carry, but it gets so heavy at times that you have to stop and catch your breath. There’s no joy in carrying a heavy luggage thoughout your life. So each time a negative thought comes into your mind look at it, face it and embrace it. Only by embracing it, you’ll let it go.

  • Do something for your soul as often as you can 

Do what makes you happy and comfortable. If you love to read books, what are you waiting for? If you like to write, draw, exercise, listen to music, take time to do them, as you only have one life in this body so you have to live it to the full.

  • Dare to be different

From time to time, you have do something out of ordinary. Sing on the streets, dance in the rain, die your hair blue, just do something daring. You’ll feel brave and free.

So here they are, the 7 small steps you have to follow to live a happy and healthy life. Hope they are going to help you in the future. Till next time, take care and live like Heaven’s on Earth.

Music of 1986

Hi friends! If it’s Friday, it’s time for good music and fun. In terms of music, 1986 was, much like 1985, a year of great hits. This was the year when Modern Talking released Brother Louie, a hit that was played at every party in the 90’s and later on (I enjoy listening to it even now, after 29 years). In this year all the dance floors were crowded when DJs were playing Touch Me,  You Give Love a Bad Name or Final Countdown. Monday were easier, when people were listening to Manic Monday. People tried to figure out what Crowded House were saying in Don’t Dream It’s Over and fell in love with Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love for You (very popular on wedding collages in the 90’s). In 1986 Queen were asking an essential question and Cyndi Lauper was suggesting us to show our True Colours. But long talk get’s borin at times so let me present you, My Top 5 favourites:

 Berlin- Take My Breath Away – because I fell in love with Tom Cruise in Top Gun and because it reminds me of my first summers by the sea side as a child (most of the restaurants were playing this song).

 Madonna- La Isla Bonita – it has such a Spanish vibe.

Europe- Carrie  Joey Tempest has such a good voice and the instrumental is amazing.

Chris De Burgh- Lady in Red – There’s no point in explaining why I love this song. If you are a woman, you know it already and if you are a man, pay attention to the lyrics.

Bon Jovi- Livin’ On a Prayer– because it has a great energy and I could probably dance on it even in my eighties.

So there it is, what do you think about it? What were your favourite songs of 1986? I would really like to know. Till next time, have a lovely weekend and don’t forget to dance like nobody’s watching.

P.S. Because a dear friend of mine suggested I should make a playlist with these songs, here it is. Have fun!

You once told me

You once told me there’s no sunshine,

That the clouds have no rain

And everything vanishes,

If you can’t see me again.

You once told me how you love me,

How I am the most special person in your life

And that no matter what,

Nobody could keep us apart.

I felt the same,

I believed in you;

Even though there were signs,

Showing you were changing through.

I couldn’t see them then, I was too ecstatic

I could have avoided things

That made me suffer after.

And then came that day,

That awful autumn day

When you told me everything’s over

And walked away.

I wanted to remind you

All the things you once said

But it seemed too late

So I just watched you go instead.

And that’s when I realized

As difficult as it is

In life you can’t say things

Then blow them in the wind.

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Some Books I Fell in Love With in 2014

Five people you meet in heaven by Mitch Albom

Why? Because I’ve learned that life doesn’t absolutely end when you die, it may continue in order to teach you the mystery of your own death.

“Each affects the other, and the other affects the next, and the world is full of stories, but the stories are all one.”

The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins

Why? Because Panem is so similar to our society, that it gives you goose bumps at times. And Katniss Everdeen became a role model.

“At some point, you have to stop running and turn around and face whoever wants you dead.The hard thing is finding the courage to do it.” 

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

Because I fell in love with the characters and because I cried so hard in the end.

“There are infinite numbers between 0 and 1. There’s .1 and .12 and .112 and an infinite collection of others. Of course, there is a bigger infinite set of numbers between 0 and 2, or between 0 and a million. Some infinities are bigger than other infinities. A writer we used to like taught us that. There are days, many of them, when I resent the size of my unbounded set. I want more numbers than I’m likely to get, and God, I want more numbers for Augustus Waters than he got. But, Gus, my love, I cannot tell you how thankful I am for our little infinity. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. You gave me a forever within the numbered days, and I’m grateful.” 

Let’s Pretend This Never Happened: A mostly True Memoir by Jenny Lawson

Because I had such a great laugh.

“You should just accept who you are, flaws and all, because if you try to be someone you aren’t, then eventually some turkey is going to shit all over your well-crafted facade, so you might as well save yourself the effort and enjoy your zombie books.”

Bridget Jones: Mad about the boy by Helen Fielding

Why? Because it was the first book I’ve read from Bridget Jones series and fell deeply in love with the main character (she’s like my alter ego). It really convinced me to read the whole Diary.

“Why are bodies so difficult to manage? Why? ‘Oh, oh, look at me, I’m a body, I’m going to splurge fat unless you, like, STARVE yourself and go to undignified TORTURE CENTRES and don’t eat anything nice or get drunk.’ Hate diet.”

Gone Girl by Gillian Flinn

Because of Amy’s diabolic, yet brilliant brain.

“The ones who are not soul-mated – the ones who have settled – are even more dismissive of my singleness: It’s not that hard to find someone to marry, they say. No relationship is perfect, they say – they, who make do with dutiful sex and gassy bedtime rituals, who settle for TV as conversation, who believe that husbandly capitulation – yes, honey, okay, honey – is the same as concord. He’s doing what you tell him to do because he doesn’t care enough to argue, I think. Your petty demands simply make him feel superior, or resentful, and someday he will fuck his pretty, young coworker who asks nothing of him, and you will actually be shocked. ”

How to Be a Woman by Caitlin Moran

Because I had fun an learned a bit about what really means to be a woman.

“These days, however, I am much calmer – since I realised that it’s technically impossible for a woman to argue against feminism. Without feminism, you wouldn’t be allowed to have a debate on women’s place in society. You’d be too busy giving birth on the kitchen floor – biting down on a wooden spoon, so as not to disturb the men’s card game – before going back to quick-liming the dunny. This is why those female columnists in the Daily Mail – giving daily wail against feminism – amuse me. They paid you £1,600 for that, dear, I think. And I bet it’s going in your bank account, and not your husband’s. The more women argue loudly, against feminism, the more they both prove it exists and that they enjoy its hard-won privileges.”

Almost Dead

Feeling the cold pavement, you wonder

If it’s a dream or reality

If this is the end or you have to get up

But the pavement is holding you back.

You wonder what’s next, what’s coming after

And you can see the answers in the gleaming laughter

Of the other souls who are waiting,

Waiting for you to join them in light

Moving closer towards the beginnings

And the meaning of your true life.

But you stop, you’re not ready

You want to run back to the life you had,

Complete the puzzle and share it with others

And let them know what lies in the light.

You succeed, you’ve come back, but always remember

You’re here to complete a plan

Designed to enlighten and take you back

To your other life that lies ahead.

Are you ready to party in 1985’s style?

It’s Friday, it’s weekend so let’s have some fun, shall we? Starting from today, every week, I will give you some music to enjoy and dance on. Thirty years of music starting with 1985.

In 1985, Madonna released her Material Girl, Lionel Richie knew the everlasting success with Say you, say me, Phil Collins & Philip Bailey probably had an Easy lover that year, Elton John fell in love with Nikita and Paul Young sang so nicely for all of us Every time you go away. The New Wave band ‘Til Tuesday sent a very good message to all women out there and we realised we belong to the light. All of these songs are great,  so you can guess I had a very hard time choosing a Top 5. After a couple of hours of playing and replaying I made my choice and stick with it. Here they are:

5. A-HA- Take on me 

This song is just great for a 80’s party theme. It has groove, rhythm and Morten Harket’s voice sounds very good. What do you think?

4. Starship- We built this city

If you’ve started to dance already on Take on me, don’t sit down just yet and dance a bit on this one.

3. Bryan Adams- Heaven

Love Bryan Adams and this is one of his best songs. It’s slow dance time so  grab your partner  and feel like you’re in Heaven in their arms .

2. USA for Africa- We are the world

Can’t stop listening to this one, it’s on repeat. Between me and you, I think Michael Jackson is smiling down from Heaven every time we listen to his songs.

1. Bryan Ferry- Slave to love

Ladies and gents, let me introduce you to one of my all times favourite : Slave to love. This song is so dear to me because there is a great story behind it. Love it! Love it! Love it!

So this was my top for 1985. What do you think about it? How would yours look like?

A story never told

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly writing challenge: “Ice, Water, Steam.”

Lyla was Narcissus and Echo’s daughter born from a platonic miraculous love on the shore of the river.  She was water, water that is so vital for everyone and everything. She was water in all the metamorphoses.

Lyla was the most beautiful girl everyone could see, but there was something strange about her. Losing her parents from early age she had some icy presence in her. Her eyes were cold and everyone was unable to get to know her better. She presented all the characteristics of ice. Her heart was cold, due to her suffering and wasn’t ready to let anyone in it.

One day, all of a sudden, when she was 25 something miraculous happened. She began to melt. That ice began to transform into water. And all happened when she met Him. He was different from all the people Lyla met before. Couldn’t help it but fall deeply into his charms. She lost all the icy treats and had become water. She was now beautiful like the sea water that always comes to the shore. Sometimes Lyla was still and calm like a lake, but there were days when she was like an ocean after a storm. You see, it was like people knew who she was all of the sudden but they were so wrong. You know the surface, but you can’t read into the depths of a human being, let alone into Lyla’s who was so versatile. People were still falling in love with her, but her eyes were only for Him, the one who made her melt. She thought that this was it, this was love, the love that her parents never had the chance to live.

But love is such a versatile feeling when one is not ready and falls too hard. His love for Lyla was so strong and thought they will be like that forever. Unfortunately Lyla wasn’t a normal human being, she was water and when His love began to grow her body transformed also. She became steam. All the water she once was, turned into heavy steam going towards the loved one. The steam was so thick and left marks on each and every thing Lyla touched. Everyone and everything knew she was there but couldn’t see where she was. She reached her Nirvana. She was there and though she wasn’t. She found her peace and when she will cnsider it, she’ll come back on the earth to show us all the forms she can take.

Big 30- age crisis alert!

Mark Twain once said “age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.” In his own way he must have been right, but considering my Eastern European culture thirty is regarded as the age of maturity. In our traditional society people expect that at this age you must be a complete human being, both professional and personal. It’s expected you are married, have a child or two, have a house of your own, a car and a job you’re proud of, because you’ve worked you’re a*s off to get here. Me, I’m one year to go, but I’m still not sure about the maturity bit and everything involved. I totally feel Bridget Jones now with all her uncertainties.

If you are really lucky you might be very successful by the age of 30, in that case let me congradulate and wish you all the best in the future. You also might stop reading now as the following paragraphs don’t refer to you.

But if you are not very successful you must know by now that life is not as simple as you thought in your 20’s I’m sorry to disappoint whoever it is that dictated the rules above, but they don’t apply to our society anymore. That is why I thought of the three big groups you might find yourself when you get to this age:

1.  Still undecided. You didn’t have much time for your professional life as you were too busy having fun and travel while still young. If you were a rebel, that last thing you wanted in your 20’s was to get stuck in a boring job. You loved to experiment and tried to find your true calling. So when the time is ticking you are probably still not sure what you want to do in terms of profession, even though you owe one or two degrees. You still jump from one job to another, your salary (or lack of it sometimes) sucks, but at least, if you’re lucky, you might have found the love of your life already. If not, you’re still searching, hoping that he’s around the corner, embracing the life of a singleton :).

2. Unhappy workaholic. If you wanted to concentrate on your career as soon as they left the University, then by now you must be where you set your targets in your early 20’s. You might have some regrets once in a while because you missed all the fun. But everything in life comes with a price and you kind of accepted the one you paid. Even so, you want to be a CEO in a couple of years, so you chose to spend most of your days in the office. The big problem comes when you go home for Christmas and all the relatives are constantly asking about your personal life, which at this point is nowhere to be seen. It seems somehow that you missed your train and now you don’t particularly have the time nor the energy to wait for another one. There are moments when you feel kind of lonely and wish to have chosen differently, but you move on because there’s another important project to present for the next day. At least you are doing something with your life.

3. Young parents. And here you are: met your soul mate in your 20’s, got married soon after and already gave birth to one or two children. You have steady jobs and a good life per general. But sometimes you just need some time for yourself and 5 minutes peace (like that children book with Large family 🙂 ). There are also the exotic holidays you’ve planned for so long when you were younger, but now it’s too expensive to go all four. The children came too soon, but at least you are going to be younger grandparents.

And these, my friend, are the uncertainties of big 30. The truth is that the real maturity lies in stressing about certain things. Things that don’t turn out, the way society thought you they should. Maybe you stress because your babies don’t stop crying in the middle of the night and you have a big day at work in a couple of hours. Maybe is the fault of your job which requires all your time. Maybe is because of your partner, or, to be more precise, the lack of it. All in one, you must stay calm and remember that all of us are facing it sooner or later. And there’s something else, even geniuses we know today were having a hard time at the age of 30. Michael Faraday was swiping the floor for another scientist which we never heard of, Marcel Proust was still living with his parents and Nicola Tesla was broke. Even Leonardo da Vinci himself, was painting portraits of the hanged criminals in Florence, a job nobody was happy to do. Even J.K. Rowling was struggling by this age.

So there you go, no reason to stress. 30 is just a number like many others, not a reason to get all anxious. You can transform your life way past this age and if it make you feel better, Da Vinci painted “The Last Supper” when he was 46, far too old for those times. In other words, smile, be happy and enjoy every second cause things can change in the blink of an eye so there’s no point to stress over small things like age.

One chaotic story

The following paragraphs are the product of a bunch of 9-12 years old who had to make up a story using these words: hotel, plane, pig, lamp, bed, milk, fork, plate, tennis, dinner,water, finger, glass, sing, swim, sea, cheese, TV, song, write, ball, dead, party and sofa. Hope you’ll enjoy it!

The hotel was cold, after the plane landed. Suddently they heard a big bang and wondered what was it. A dedective “pig” was called in to help out. The detective walked in the reception of the hotel and saw this strange lamp. The reason it was strange, was because the lamp was floating in the air.

He decided it was to late and went to bed still wondering why the lamp was in the air. He couldn’t sleep so he went downstairs to take a cup of warm milk, thinking it would help. The warm milk didn’t help so he went to play a game with the floating lamp. The fork asked to join the game. Mr Plate was an old rascal who was famous for his tennis skills, so he also joined. After the game finished they all went to have dinner. While other were eating, all Mr Plate could do was drink water through his little finger.

Suddenly everybody turned to the door where the smashing glass sound came from. On top of everything they decided to sing a song and then they continued the tennis game. Mr Pig was so sweaty that he decided to go and swim in the sea. Everyone joined him. In the sea they found a rotten piece of cheese and a fish family who was watching Justin Beiber on TV. Mr Pig then decided to write a song about a fish playing with a ball and give it to Beiber to sing it.

They all nearly fainted when they saw a dead man floating in the sea. As dreaming, they all stood up and jumped in to party with him. The party was so fun that even the dead man came to life and everybody gor back to the hotel. They crashed on the sofa and fell asleep.

The End