2000’s music according to my mood

Time flies and here we are in 2000. Back then we thought that the world is going to end in 2000. It didn’t, obviously, but people around the globe were stressing out on the matter. Lucly we have music to release our stress and anxieties. From this year there are so many songs I loveContinue reading “2000’s music according to my mood”


90’s music in different languages

We are at the end of ’90’s decade and as usual I did some research to see how music sounded in different languages during these years. Coming from Europe it was easier for me to get in touch with songs sang in other language than English. Decided to start with Spanish songs as they areContinue reading “90’s music in different languages”

Music back in ’98

Welcome to ’98 which has many songs to offer. Bands are everywhere. We have boy bands: ‘N Sync, Five, The Offspring, New Radicals, Modern Talking (a song that was in all discos around Europe), Placebo or Aerosmith (their biggest hit and my favorite song for karaoke); and girl bands: B*Witched and Spice Girls (a wayContinue reading “Music back in ’98”

Some nice music from 1994

A short post for Nineteen Ninety-Four’s music. We have some party songs like Saturday Night, Cotton Eyed Joe, Another Night and Scatman John. All these were played to most of the birthday parties I attended to. Cranberries and their Zombies and Ode to my family really made an impression back then as they were soContinue reading “Some nice music from 1994”

1993 and its great hits

Another week has gone by so our musical journey continues. Today is 1993’s turn and his greatest hits.  Take for example Will you be there and I’ll be there and you know what I’m talking about. From 1993 comes Ace of Base with The Sign (I broke one friend’s cassette tape listening to this song) andContinue reading “1993 and its great hits”

Some musical memories from 1992

A quick post for 1992, not that there weren’t plenty of songs released in that year, but because only a few made it to my heart. I was only 7 years old, therefore I don’t recall much, just some songs I used to listen to on cassettes (I loved buying cassettes) or heard during ourContinue reading “Some musical memories from 1992”

Best songs of 1991

Welcome to the first Friday of March and outside the lovely spring shows up with a warming sun. At least it does in my part of the world. Going back in 1991 we can see that  the music scene is very crowded. Roxette released two songs this year Joyride and Fading like a flower and same did Michael JacksonContinue reading “Best songs of 1991”