The books of January

January has been a long month, or so it seems. I managed to read ten books, but am sure this is a one off. Am still contemplating on how I managed to read that much… I have read six thrillers towards the end of the month, because when I get swept in the psychological dramaContinue reading “The books of January”

Best books of 2020

What a year!… WHAT A FREAKY STRA NGE YEAR! (couldn’t help myself) It has been a roller-coaster and am not sure what 2021 will bring so I have mixed feelings at the end of the year. Haven’t written anything in a long time, out of laziness mostly, but also because I felt like I hadn’tContinue reading “Best books of 2020”

Could an App change our views of the world?

The ReGender App by Jass Richards might answer that question Could an App change the way you see the world or maybe just confirm some of your doubts? Well Rev and Dylan are about to find out. Starting reading the book I had no idea how things are going to turn out. But must admitContinue reading “Could an App change our views of the world?”

Book of the year

This is exactly what happens when you are misunderstood, when all your genius and talent are shoved under the carpet by the society.I wept and not because I knew how this was going to end(I have the 6th sense) , but because of the unfairness of it all. How everything in this society is soContinue reading “Book of the year”