Animals Farm in modern society

Even though George Orwell stated early days that this novella reflects events during Russian Revolution in 1917, couldn’t help to notice the similarities between the situation presented there and our corporate society, where people behave a lot like the animals and the leaders a lot like the pigs. At the Animals Farm is like in anyContinue reading “Animals Farm in modern society”

A very brave girl called Malala

Lately I have been reading many books about teenagers but the one I am presenting today even though it’s narrated by a teenager is far more than a YA book. It’s the history of people who life under oppression, who struggle every day and constantly have to fight for their rights. I am Malala is the storyContinue reading “A very brave girl called Malala”

The Art Of Not Making Your Life Bitter

One of the books, that helped me find my way and find happiness was El arte de no amargarse la vida (The art of not making your life bitter) by Rafael Santandreu. Unfortunately it has only a Spanish version. Too bad, because this is not a self-help book we are used too, but a scientificContinue reading “The Art Of Not Making Your Life Bitter”