Day 10: “Best” trip of my life

I love travelling and I do it whenever I have the opportunity. I like the thrill of it. Going into unknown you don’t know what to expect. You might face Heaven or Hell, the best or the worst of times, depending on your luck. The trip I’m going to write about today, happened in December 2008. ItContinue reading “Day 10: “Best” trip of my life”

Day 9: “What’s in your bag/ wallet”

Who did this challenge? I mean, seriously, what’s with this question? Didn’t you know it’s not polite to ask a lady what she carries in her bag? It might be the last question you ask as she can have there an entire arsenal of small objects that can easily be transformed into deadly weapons. JustContinue reading “Day 9: “What’s in your bag/ wallet””

Day 7: My favorite 5 songs

This might be my favorite post so far as it’s all about the music. Too bad I have to name only five songs, because that is a tough choice. But I have to do it so my picks for today are: Einsamer Hirte– Gheorghe Zamfir (it was impossible not to chose a Romanian in myContinue reading “Day 7: My favorite 5 songs”

Day 6: Things I am afraid of

People say we can’t experience happiness unless we let go of our fears. They might be right, because every time I overcame my fears I felt a new person. I felt alive. And that feeling, might be leading to pure happiness. I mean, living with no fears makes you free and how many people inContinue reading “Day 6: Things I am afraid of”

Day 5: My proudest moment

I have been thinking about this one, the whole day. It might be the cause of my mid-day migraine. 🙂 The thing is, I am my worst critic, always knowing I can do better. That doesn’t mean I don’t feel proud whenever I solve something that others can’t, whenever I achieve a goal or winContinue reading “Day 5: My proudest moment”

Day 4: My dream job

If someone had asked me, when I was a teenager, what was my dream job, my answer would have been: someone famous. I craved for people’s attention and dreamed that one day I would be in the spotlight, admired by others. Luckily, that was just an episode in my life. After I graduated Uni, I lost interest inContinue reading “Day 4: My dream job”

Day 3: My favorite quote(s)

Why only one? How in the world am I going to decide on one, when I basically live my life from quote to quote :). Well I think I’ll write 3 (no rules for me!) as all three resonate with me and the way I live my life. First one comes from Mahatma Gandhi and it’s : “LiveContinue reading “Day 3: My favorite quote(s)”

Day 2: 20 facts about myself

For the second day they chose a difficult task for me, because I hate talking or writing about myself. Makes me really uncomfortable, but hey, I said I’d do the challenge so let’s continue. Not a narcissist or egotist but I truly love myself, in a way that I accepted all my flaws and embracedContinue reading “Day 2: 20 facts about myself”

Let the writing challenge begin (Day 1)

Welcome September! For the last two years I started enjoying this month more than any others, because I started to love autumn and her lovely colors. This month I have planned to write every day and this, my friends, might be harder then you thought. I love writing, it’s like therapy to me, but doingContinue reading “Let the writing challenge begin (Day 1)”