A poem every day

Welcome November! During National Novel Writing Month I decided to write a poem every day. So let’s start with New Chapter I quit, I had enough Spent far too long In this empty job. I’m moving on to a new place, A new life, a sweet embrace The ond job will become a memory, IContinue reading “A poem every day”

Think before you judge

Thinking is difficult, that’s why most people judge. -Carl Jung We live in a divided society and world, as sometimes is much easier to judge and blame, than understand. Have we always been like this? Probably yes, but, back in those days, there wasn’t any Social Media or Internet ┬áso no one, except your closeContinue reading “Think before you judge”

MWM&M: On decisions and mistakes

And a mistake repeated more than once is a decision.-Paulo Coelho Battling this big headache of mine with the shouting of children from my neighbourhood I decided to contemplate on this quote. Does it apply in all cases? What is the difference between a mistake and a decision? Just as I was contemplating on theContinue reading “MWM&M: On decisions and mistakes”