Once upon a time

Once upon a time, there was kindness. Once upon a time there was respect. Once upon a time there was gratitude. But everything was once upon a time. Nowadays people seem to have lost the meaning of these words. They are not a part of the majority’s vocabulary. What happened in 20 years? Where didContinue reading “Once upon a time”

Mid-Week Music&Musing-On critical thinking

Night is a time to reflect. All those minutes, when you helplessly try to fall asleep, are always an inspiration, that being the moment when my ideas come to life. In those dim hours a question always starts bugging my thoughts. Last night was this one:  Are we all equal or not?

Day 16: Thoughts on education

This might turn out to be the longest post in a while. Not because I spent 23 years of my life studying nor because for the last six years I have been working with children, guiding them in a way or another but because this subject is so versatile and complex, inexhaustible. Plus I amContinue reading “Day 16: Thoughts on education”