Psychochromatic Redemption

A bit of everything, just to keep my erroneous mind busy.



Taste buds pleasure

Because who doesn’t like a good pizza? I surely do, so today is about it.

All of these flavours

Make one’s mind surrender

To taste buds’ pleasure.

Blurred lines

Those blurred lines in life

Can bring great chaos but also peace

Depending on views.

Contemptus mundi

Contemptus mundi

When your own life is at stake

It’s ignorant bliss.

Word of the day is contemptus mundi: n. Disregard of or disdain for wordly or temporal concerns.

Open your mind

You’re a dyed-in-the-wool man,

But that’s not helping anyone

Not even yourself.

Word of the day is dyed-in-the-wool: (always used before a noun, often dissaproving) having very strong beliefs, opinions, etc. that you are not willing to change.

Lessons learned

Interpose, repeat

Until you learn the lesson

Am move on with life.

Word of the day interpose: v. To pose in the midst of something.


Those crepy foleys

Make me run away and hide

Somewhere nice and cozy.

Word of the day is foley: n. In film, television, etc. Sound effects created to mimic ambient noises,typically using a variety of objects and practical methods;(also) the process of creating such effects.

In between

Line between seasons

It’s very difficult to trace

A beautiful blur.


Immerse in your craft

And you’ll never have to work

Another day.

Word of he day is immerse: v. To make(yourself) fully involved in some activity or interest.

Rafting adventure

Jump in this small raft

Let’s go in an adventure

On the sea of life.

Word of the day is raft: n. A flat structure that is used for floating or sailing on water.

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