Summer is nearly here. I can feel it in the warm breeze, hear it in birds thrills and see it in when I look out the window. It’s my favourite time of the year. What can compare to this? Even the sun plays a show for me, paining the sky in shades of magenta. IContinue reading “Summer”



Inspired by a picture What was it that I was supposed to do again? Did I have a meeting or had to go shopping with my daughter? Now I feel stupid. It’s like everyone can read my thoughts and I feel lost. Maybe if I stare at my watch I will remember. Time helps orContinue reading “Forgetfulness”


Every time I lit a cigarette I think it’s the last, but addiction runs through my blood and I can’t tell my brain what to do. It dictates my moves, my desires, my addictions. So many years have passed, but I continue to smoke away my life, my hopes, my health. I feel life slippingContinue reading “Smoke”

Early morning thoughts

Are we better off not knowing things? Can the truth hurt us more than the lies? Is it better to stay in the darkness, than turning your face to the light? Because if the light is too bright, it can be blinding to the naked eye? These are the question I contemplated on today, whilstContinue reading “Early morning thoughts”

Inspired by a picture

December 11th, Today’s photograph inspired me into writing a verse: Smile as there’s no reason not to Enjoy what you see and connect Life is wonderful and interesting too Some words upon to reflect.