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Think before you judge

Thinking is difficult, that’s why most people judge. -Carl Jung

We live in a divided society and world, as sometimes is much easier to judge and blame, than understand. Have we always been like this? Probably yes, but, back in those days, there wasn’t any Social Media or Internet  so no one, except your close ones, knew your opinions.

What I find strange – and had the urge to write about it – is that people not only judge, but also try to convince you their way is “the right” way. It’s like you can’t or you don’t know how to live your own life. Some people feel the need to give you directions like the GPS that keeps telling you to turn left, even when you know that road is closed. So you listen, try to ignore it, but at one point you just want to throw it out of the window. Same with people, even though it would be literally harder to throw somebody out of the window,  better/easier leave the room.

99% of the time I understand people and their  reasoning, but it’s getting really hard when they can’t understand me and my way of living life. And sometimes I question  my own sanity  and put myself in the scenery they want to create for me.  But guess  what? It makes me quite unhappy and one of the greatest  lessons my dad taught me, is that if you don’t feel good in a place or situation you have to leave that place  or situation. So I get rid of their  ideas and continue with mine, because  they are the ones that suit me the best.

So go ahead and live your own ideas and own thoughts. Be free to be who you want to be as you only have one life and you don’t know how long it will be. People will always judge you, therefore live a life that makes you happy . 😉

Never prepared

We are never ready for anything

never prepared, nor aware

We dive in the ocean of nothingness 

But still dream of greatness. 
It’s not our fault, it’s the stars

Which shine too bright in the night skies

making us dream and hope

Forgetting about things we need to cope

Prepared to find the Great Manifesto

but ending in a complete fiasco.
“Be more positive!”, I hear

But that’s the only thing I fear

Being someone I’m not

And pretend just for the sake of the crowd.
So here we are, face to face

Reflection unleashed for the big race

Who am I, seems a mystery today 

Am not prepared, but ready to play.

MWM&M: Motivational Musing

Have been gone for some time, life got a bit busy, my PC got attacked by a virus and I kept on promoting my photography and participating in contests. Have been meaning to write a post, but felt like I had nothing important to say, up until now.

Last month I created a Facebook photography page to post my photographs and began to join photography groups. Was a bit shy in the beginning to post anything, but then I realized had nothing to lose so I started uploading my photographs. One day, two weeks ago, I posted a photograph I truly like. It resemble a painting and that is what makes me like it so much. It’s not the usual flower macro photography you see everywhere so I wasn’t prepared for the comments that followed. One guy asked where was the focus in the photo, while other said it’s on my logo. I felt like I wanted to hide in a cave. The worst part was I couldn’t reply to those comments so I had to let them say whatever they wanted. Another person said they quite liked the approach as it reminded him of a painting. And that was the decisive moment I realize my vision in photography is different from the others and that is not a bad thing at all. After that incident, three on my photos were selected as covers for different photography groups, meanwhile I am waiting for one of my photograph to be part of an exhibition somewhere in the town, next month.

All these last weeks events made me realize one thing: when you want to follow your dream, you will encounter obstacles and trip over, maybe fall down a couple of times, but you should never give up. The path you chose to walk on has nothing to do with the obstacles. They are there to make your journey more interesting. They might stop you for a while, but they should never make you turn around. Think of all the energy you put into those dreams and you will realize how important they are. I am ready to go on the path I chose and become the best I can be. You should do the same:

Day 20: Painting the world

To paint the world as I see it,

It’s a very difficult task.

Today I might be using primary colors, if you ask

I might add black and grey to the colorful dusk.


So I start again,

Since I am not pleased with the end.

Now I’ll more careful than ever,

Adding only colors that mix nice

But if they all end up mixing together,

The result won’t be any better,

Than the previous one.

That’s why my solitary work is done,

Here I am at my first workshop

Of painting life

Because even though colors caught me off guard

I need to learn really hard,

To paint the world as I see it.


MWM&M: On decisions and mistakes

And a mistake repeated more than once is a decision.-Paulo Coelho

Battling this big headache of mine with the shouting of children from my neighbourhood I decided to contemplate on this quote. Does it apply in all cases? What is the difference between a mistake and a decision?

Just as I was contemplating on the Paulo Coelho’s words, a person I know crossed my mind. She has recently discovered she suffers from panic attacks and she needs medication that doesn’t allow her to drink. But, she just can’t help it. And one glass turns into two and so on, until she realise the mistake. And you know what, I don’t blame her. We all see the world differently and our universes are never the same. Loneliness and a bunch of unappropriated friends can easily push you to the edge. We’ve all had that friend who always says “ One glass of wine didn’t hurt anyone. “ or “Have a drink. It will make you feel better.” But in some cases the total opposite might happen. And when the hell brakes loose, these friends are the first to turn their back on you.

Yes, you are responsible for everything you do, but there are moments when your brain just decides to sleep or take a break. And then you fall into the trap of the same mistake. And it becomes a reckless decision, like the first one, because in life everything is a decision. Once you do something, there’s no turning back, good or bad. Move on and embrace the consequences.  So I dare to disagree with Mr. Coelho on this one. The first, second, third mistake are all decisions that we make. We might ponder on some and might not even blink on others, but they are all decisions.

As for my acquaintance, she should let this friend of hers go and part their ways. Obviously, she’s a bad influence and just drags her down. That should be the best decision at the time being.

Day 18: Monday cruise

I can’t make you see the stars,

If you keep kicking the stones.

I can’t make you enjoy the sunset,

If you are looking for the moon.

I can’t make you see the sea,

If you keep on searching for the higher peak.


But I can show you

And let you choose

Freedom is yours,

So you can decide on your views.

Day 9: Facts of life

They chose you to be here,
So must obey and not compete,
Nor shall you try to reason or think.
Do as you’re told
Just move along
With the guided crowds
That never get old.
New generations same as the ones before,
Listen to unspoken words and unplayed chords,
Meant to leave you bare and cold.
We all fall  into the trap of deception, of ignorance and rejection,
But never revolt.
Because it’s easier doing as you’re told,
Because revolting takes courage and there’s too much at stake:
Your pride, family, friends, even your wealth.
So you rebel inside for as long as you live,
Not quite understanding why you can’t succeed.

There are some who object and go against the tide,
Those are the winners and their generation pride
The ones we all look at in awe
Hoping one day we’ll get the courage to take a bow,
In our bathroom’s mirror while we smile with glee,
At the successful rebellion of setting us free.

NaPoWriMo Day1



It’s late and cold

We’re getting old

The life we had, remains untold

Long gone are the days when we felt bold.


Now everything turns into mold,

The perfect lives are getting sold

Only to the ones with pots of gold.




MWM&M: On friendship

Today it’s all about friendship and its expiration date.

I have always been a loner, even though in my early and mid-twenties I didn’t look or behave like one. So I have made lots of friends in this period. Some of them came close to my heart, others just drifted apart. I’ve fallen out of friendship with some, others fell out of friendship with going round in this vicious circle called life.

How does it feel to lose friends? Well it’s hard, at least at the beginning.  You can’t really understand the reason why people stop talking to you, but eventually you move on. You understand that people change. They start to set bridges on fire and when the smoke clears out, you understand their reasons. You could still see them clear on the other side, but can’t reach them anymore. All you can do is give them a big wave and smile remembering the good times you had and the life experiences you created together. You’ve burnt bridges as well, because that’s life and we change. People who were close to us yesterday can become total strangers today. All that’s left is the memories that last a lifetime and the lessons we’ve learned from each person we met.

The moment we understand that as life itself, everything else has an expiration date, we are going to be at peace with ourselves. Friendships are not an exception. Some of them might be like water: vital, nourishing, everlasting if kept in a good environment, some, on the other hand, can be like fruit yoghurts: sweet and creamy, at the beginning, sour and even toxic after they expire. The best and the worst part of it is that we are going to have friendship from both categories, but no matter what, keep on moving, smile at the nice memories and wave to them, from time to time.

For today’s song, I chose one that will always make me think of one of my friends who drifted apart. She introduced it to me so it will always remind me of her:

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