Some musical memories from 1992

A quick post for 1992, not that there weren’t plenty of songs released in that year, but because only a few made it to my heart. I was only 7 years old, therefore I don’t recall much, just some songs I used to listen to on cassettes (I loved buying cassettes) or heard during ourContinue reading “Some musical memories from 1992”


Best songs of 1991

Welcome to the first Friday of March and outside the lovely spring shows up with a warming sun. At least it does in my part of the world. Going back in 1991 we can see that  the music scene is very crowded. Roxette released two songs this year Joyride and Fading like a flower and same did Michael JacksonContinue reading “Best songs of 1991”

Dancing Night Fever in 1990

Leaving the 80’s behind we move on to a new decade, new sounds, new music. Madonna still rules the charts with Vogue (maybe that’s why the magazine became so popular in time) and we still find Michael Bolton around, but there are also new names and new styles. Mariah Carey released two great hits thisContinue reading “Dancing Night Fever in 1990”

Are you ready to party in 1985’s style?

It’s Friday, it’s weekend so let’s have some fun, shall we? Starting from today, every week, I will give you some music to enjoy and dance on. Thirty years of music starting with 1985. In 1985, Madonna released her Material Girl, Lionel Richie knew the everlasting success with Say you, say me, Phil Collins & Philip Bailey probablyContinue reading “Are you ready to party in 1985’s style?”